Master Thesis

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1 Investigate impact of RES function: Case wind turbine.
2 Overview of field research, methodologies, practices, research projects and applications in the research area of ecology innovation.
3 A study of the feed in tariff vs feed in premium policies for the renewable energy sources in Greece.
4 Επισκόπηση ερευνητικού πεδίου, μεθοδολογιών, πρακτικών, ερευνητικών έργων και εφαρμογών που αφορούν την ανάπτυξη οικο-βιομηχανικών πάρκων
5 Μελέτη βιωσιμότητας μικρομεσαίας επιχείρησης εντός οικο-βιομηχανικού πάρκου. Μελέτη περίπτωσης ζυθοποιείου.







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1 "Recording and analysis of accidents when operating wind: economic, social and environmental impacts" (P.Tsourtos)
2 "Valuation and 'standard' recording solar potential in Greece" (A.Blachos)
3 "Policies promoting renewable energy in Europe and America: Current situation, prospects, obstacles, challenges" (M.Bakirtzis)
4 "Installation study and sustainability control of a tri-generation unit to meet the energy needs of the a small rural community (< 3000 pop.) n Greece with the use of biomass" (P.Papaioakeim)
5 "Τechno-economic evaluation of a solar thermal system to cover the thermal and cooling loads of a residence in Greece" (Th.Mastora)
6 "Study on sustainability of a power plant based on Rankine Organic Cycle" (Α. Galtsidi)






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1 "Feasibility study plant photovoltaic generators in Northeast Greece" (Mponia Christina)
2 "Consideration solution for treating acidic waters mining installations and safe environmental disposal" (Zaloumis Despina)
3 "Comparative analysis of industrial production lines for photovoltaic modules crystal silicon (Si) and thin film (thin film)" (Paschalidou Georgia)
4 "Green Production: The mechanical design of the management of the production process" (Marsidou Sophia)
5 "Estimation life cycle turbine> 1 MW for offshore, coastal and inland areas" (Venardos Panagiotis)
6 "Identification and analysis of factors affecting the reliability of renewable energy farms: Study cases you" (Pitsa Despina)
7 "Electromechanical systems housing in sustainable construction - Case study design and small independent house in Greece" (Tzika Vasiliki)
8 "Alternative forms of power for the island of Cyprus - Case study aggregated mirrors" (Kyprianou Christina)
9 "Energy management systems sports center: Case Closed pools Xanthi" (Hliadou Paraskevi)
10 "Stamp energy physiognomy Serres: Current state and perspectives penetration of Renewable Energy Sources (RES)" (Lymperis George)
11 "Electromechanical systems housing in sustainable construction: Case for geothermal installation" (I. Karypidis)
12 "Methodologies siting energy parks: Case modules" (G. Kousidis)
13 "Power management of industrial installations: Check operation of foundries viability of alternative energy" (H. Topalis)
14 "Hybrid renewable energy systems for energy production. Criteria for design and evaluation" (D.Karakopoulou)